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No matter of what materials your home is constructed, whether it be wood, brick, concrete or even steel – no matter what type of walls and ceilings, roof and gutters, windows and doors or plumbing and electric you have, your entire structure relies upon a professionally designed, constructed and maintained foundation.

If your home foundation fails, all systems of your house are negatively affected. The movement or failure of the foundation will manifest itself as visible signs such as cracks in the exterior brick or stone façade of your home, cracks in the walls and ceilings usually emanating from the corner of a door or window, the roof may leak, windows and doors may stick or become completely frozen in place, plumbing may crack and leak and the list goes on and on…

Keep a Firm Foundation

At American Standard Foundation Repair, we understand the severity of the problem you as a property owner face when your foundation fails. Not only can foundation damage lead to expensive structural repair costs, but the damage may make your home difficult, if not impossible to sell.

Certified, State-of-the-Art Techniques

When you call American Standard Foundation Repair, our team of Certified Foundation Repair Specialists will come to your home and perform a 15- Point Foundation Assessment of your home. We will analyze the problem, diagnose structural and cosmetic issues, perform tests necessary to confirm issues, recommend reputable structural and/or geotechnical engineers if necessary, and prescribe a plan of action that will remedy your foundation’s ailments.

Foundation Repair at Reasonable Prices

At American Standard Foundation Repair, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs at reasonable prices all backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

We repair foundation failure of concrete slab homes, install Stabilipier Foundation Repair System to level slab home foundation failures, repair foundation failures of conventional crawlspace homes, shore and level conventional crawlspace homes, repair foundation failures of homes with basements, perform preventive landscaping and water management, repair concrete and masonry associated with your homes foundation or associated structures, perform crawlspace encapsulation, perform structural wood replacement due to water damage, dry rot or termite damage and much, much more!

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Each office is locally owned and operated.

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I cannot say enough about American Foundation. They are the nicest/best company I have dealt with here in Memphis. It was above and beyond what I expected. Very helpful. Very reassuring and a pleasure to deal with. I would use them again anytime.
Jane Melville
American Standard Foundation Repair is a full service foundation repair company specializing in the prevention, repair and restoration of foundation damage and its effects on your home.
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Each office is locally owned and operated.
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